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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Uncle Fester in the Addams Family?

The 2019 animated film opens with Morticia on her wedding night to Gomez Addams, and Uncle Fester is one of many members of the Addams family to be in attendance. However, the ceremony is ruined by an angry mob of people who see the Addams family as freaks. Grandmama buys Uncle Fester time to evacuate Gomez, Morticia and Thing.

Is Uncle Fester Morticia's Uncle?

In several episodes, Uncle Fester refers to the Addams lineage as if it were his own, but the flashbacks in the episodes "Morticia's Romance, Parts 1 and 2 ," clearly establish him as Morticia's maternal uncle, being the brother of her mom, Granny Frump.

Is Gordon Craven really Uncle Fester?

It is later discovered that Gordon Craven is actually Uncle Fester, and that Abigail found him after his accident in the Bermuda Triangle, suffering from amnesia. In Gomez's home movies from their childhood, Uncle Fester is hairless as a child (although, as Gordon Craven, he is seen shaving his head).

Is Uncle Fester Gomez's brother?

The 1998 live-action series continues the later tradition of having Uncle Fester (played by Michael Roberds) as Gomez's biological brother, yet between this version and the 1960s series this is the only visible difference. In the first animated series by Hanna-Barbera, Jackie Coogan reprised his role as Uncle Fester.

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