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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add text to a Matplotlib plot?

How to Add Text to Matplotlib Plots (With Examples) You can easily add text to a Matplotlib plot by using the matplotlib.pyplot.text () function, which uses the following syntax: matplotlib.pyplot.text (x, y, s, fontdict=None) where: x: The x-coordinate of the text. y: The y-coordinate of the text.

How to plot text on the right side of the plot?

Here we plot the text on the right side of the plot by using an ax.text () method and we set horizontal alignment to the “ right” and vertical alignment to the “top”. The corner is the side where two edges meet. We have to set the axes of text at the corner according to our suitability.

How to place a text box inside a chart in JavaScript?

The bbox keyword argument is used to place a text box. bbox: keyword to place box around the text. It takes a dictionary with keys that define the style of the box. In the above example, we use plt.text () method to add a text inside the chart and we pass the keyword argument bbox to place a text inside the box.

How to add grid lines to the plot?

Plt.grid adds grid lines to the plot. The final line is the command that actually plots the data on the axes. The plot that we produce is: It looks so plain and simple. Before adding text on the plot, let’s make it more appealing. We can add a title and also specify x-axis and y-axis names.

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