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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does car insurance cover in an accident?

How much car insurance covers in an accident depends on the level of coverage you have in your personal policy. For example, liability insurance will only cover damages and injuries to the other driver and vehicle while collision coverage only covers your vehicle damage in an accident. Learn more about the types of car insurance available and compare rates from local car insurance companies below in order to find a car insurance policy that covers everything you need in the event of an accident.

Whose car insurance covers an accident?

Which type of car insurance covers the vehicles involved in an accident? When an accident occurs, the vehicle whose driver was at fault for the crash is covered by its own car insurance policy. If the policy doesn't include collision coverage, it won't cover damages to the car. Also, the vehicle's deductible will apply.

Should I report my accident to the insurance company?

If anyone is injured in the accident, you should report the accident to your insurance company no matter how minor the injury appears to be. After a car accident, it's normal for adrenaline and confusion to mask the true extent of an injury, making it appear less harmful than it really is.

Does car insurance always go up after an accident?

Yes. Unfortunately, car insurance premiums are almost always certain to increase after an accident, whether or not you were responsible for causing it. But how much your premium increases by really depends on whether the accident was your fault or not.

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