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Frequently Asked Questions

How to manually enroll students in Blackboard groups?

In the Group students menu, select Self-enrollment.Your students are evenly divided among the groups listed next to Number of groups. ...Select the plus sign wherever you want to add another group. ...Optionally, add an enrollment start and end date. ...Optionally, change or clear the Maximum number of members per group that appears by default. ...More items...

How to check last access in Blackboard?

of the last course access for each user. Locating the Last Access Column in the Grade Center 1. Enter the course, and make sure Edit Mode is set to ON. 2. Scroll down to the control panel on the left, and click Grade Center. 3. From the options that expand, select Full Grade Center. 4. The last access column is located with the other default columns in Blackboard (Last Name, First Name, Username,

How to enroll students in a Blackboard course?

Click Users & Groups in the lower left corner of the course’s Course Management area.Click Users.Go to Enroll User and type the eight digit numerical student ID of the student. ...Leave the Role pull-down list set to Student.Leave Enrollment Availability set to Yes.Click Submit.

How do I check my grades in Blackboard?

Click My Grades directly in the Blackboard left menu or alternatively, click Tools .From Tools you can also select the My Grades tool. ...You can also access the My Grades tool from the Global Navigation menu. ...More items...

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