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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Academy?

English Language Learners Definition of academy : a school that provides training in special subjects or skills US : a private high school : an organization of people who work to support art, science, or literature

What is the meaning of academics?

1 a : a school usually above the elementary level especially : a private high school b : a high school or college in which special subjects or skills are taught c : higher education —used with the the functions of the academy in modern society 2 capitalized

How did the Akademeia get its name?

Just as schools and parks today are often named after famous persons, the Akademeia had been named in honor of a Greek hero, Akademos. Recent Examples on the Web Just days earlier, congressional lawmakers expressed concern that students at the academy were being put in danger while participating in the Sea Year program.

What is involved in the Academy program?

Throughout the academy program, recruits will also participate in regular physical training. Knowledge, skill and task competence will be assessed. Academy success will be determined through multiple choice, and true/false tests, role playing exercises, performance, physical ability, and work sample tests.

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