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Frequently Asked Questions

What exercises can you do with exercise ball?

Stability Ball Push Up. Start in high plank with feet together on the stability ball and hands on the floor. Bend elbows and lower into a push-up while keeping your legs straight and feet balanced on the ball. Push back up to return to starting position.

How to use exercise ball for beginners?

How to use an exercise ball for beginners method 1 method 1 of 3: Squat. Source: Read the label on your exercise ball to confirm the ball size. The faster more dynamic medicine ball exercises should be reserved for the more advanced athlete and the. Sit on exercise ball comfortably like an office chair.

How to do abdominal crunches with an exercise ball?

– Sit down on the ball with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. – Walk your feet out as you roll back, allowing your lower back to come to rest on the ball. – For a ball crunch, the arms can be crossed over your chest or for a more advanced exercise all crunch, you can extend your arms straight out over head.

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