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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an AAA membership worth the cost?

Is AAA membership really worth it? We are happy to say “Yes!” AAA membership is a great option for frequent travelers. Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members get 20% off, free Hertz Gold Plus Membership, many roadside services and other benefits, including discounted tickets to Disney and movies. AAA membership is for those who travel frequently.

How much is the AAA membership fee?

To offer a quick overview, the cost to join AAA varies depending on your region, but you can expect to pay approximately $20 for a “one-time-admission fee” in addition to the cost of your annual membership, which may range from $40-70 for the basic option.

How much is a membership at AAA?

The average cost of AAA membership starts from around $50/year, up to $170/year, depending on where you live and what plan you choose. If you want to join the club or it’s time for your membership renewal, don’t forget to grab the promo codes in this post and save some money! AAA has three tiers of plans: Classic, Plus, and Premier.

Is AAA worth it?

Is AAA membership worth it? After checking out the AAA membership benefits, we can definitely say yes! For the past 119 years, AAA membership plans have provided a large set of benefits to their exclusive members. Some plans offer a few additional perks — give a call to your local club to find out more. Roadside Assistance

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