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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AAA have good auto insurance?

Auto insurance bottom line: AAA auto insurance, in places where it's available, tends to be affordable with good benefits and solid discounts. Drivers who already have or are interested in a membership may be able to find a good rate, but you may find a better deal elsewhere if you're in a different auto club.

Is AAA car insurance available in Arizona?

Start enjoying all the benefits of a AAA Membership in Arizona today. AAA has been a trusted ally to drivers like you for more than a century—even before Route 66 sent road trippers westward to explore the natural beauty of places like Arizona. In fact, AAA Membership in Arizona has been serving its members since 1927.

Is AAA home insurance any good?

Nevertheless, AAA remains a good choice for home insurance, especially for those looking for additional savings through mult-policy discounts. With 115 years of experience in the industry, AAA offers members vast insurance expertise backed by their excellent financial strength and long-term issuer creditworthiness.

Does AAA provide renters insurance?

Affordable Premiums: As a member of AAA, you’ll enjoy highly competitive renters insurance rates. Multiple-Product Discount: By carrying both your renters and auto insurance through AAA, you’ll enjoy a meaningful discount.

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