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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my AAA car insurance cover me in Mexico?

To my knowledge, even IF a credit card or AAA does provide some or even all the insurance for a rental car, chances are it won't be recognized in Mexico and you will still have to pony up cash in case of an incident and get reimbursed for the expense.

Does AAA have good auto insurance?

Auto insurance bottom line: AAA auto insurance, in places where it's available, tends to be affordable with good benefits and solid discounts. Drivers who already have or are interested in a membership may be able to find a good rate, but you may find a better deal elsewhere if you're in a different auto club.

Does AAA work in Mexico?

While AAA services the U.S. and Canada, it does not offer roadside assistance in Mexico. AAA will not recompense you for repair work done by your favorite mechanic if that mechanic's repair shop is not in AAA's network. Car Insurance with Roadside Assistance Plan How To Contact AAA When You Need Assistance

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