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Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a positive PPD?

Larger reactions (10 mm of swelling or more) are a positive result in people who:have had a negative PPD skin test in the past two yearshave diabetes, kidney failure, or other conditions that increase their TB riskare healthcare workersare intravenous drug usersare immigrants who’ve come from a country that’s had a high TB rate in the past five yearsare under age 4More items...

What happens if PPD is positive?

What happens if PPD is positive? The most commonly used skin test to check for TB is the PPD — purified protein derivative. If you have a positive PPD, it means you have been exposed to a person who has tuberculosis and you are now infected with the bacteria (mycobacterium tuberculosis) that causes the disease.

What does a positive QuantiFERON test mean?

What does positive QuantiFERON mean? A positive quantiferon result is meaningful and even without a history of recent contact indicates that a M. tuberculosis infection is very likely. The quantiferon assay does not differentiate between recently acquired or old infection, or between a latent TB infection and active tuberculosis.

How many mm indicates a positive TB test?

in older adults (estimated at 8% per year)when the initial Mantoux is < 14 mmin those where the initial positive reaction was a boosted result (identified by two-step testing).

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