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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Loyola have a nursing program?

Loyola's nursing program is a direct entry program where students begin as freshman nursing students. Students must indicate nursing on their application to the University. Once admitted, students are admitted to the School of Nursing. For the ABSN program, applicants must meet eligibility requirements to start the program.

What is Loyola University most known?

Loyola University Chicago is best known for being a Jesuit university of high moral integrity. The school is focused on creating well-rounded stundets and is known for being a good school academically that produces upstanding students. This Jeusit institution is known for produceing well-rounded successful individuals.

Can I get into Loyola Marymount University?

Loyola Marymount University does not have stated GPA or test score requirements or cutoffs for admission. Your chances of getting in depend on your GPA, college entrance scores and other evidence of an ability to succeed academically at a school for serious students.

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