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Frequently Asked Questions

What is europeeurope PubMed Central?

Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC) is an open-access repository which contains millions of biomedical research works.

What is the difference between Europe PMC and PubMed?

Europe PMC covers life science literature and gives access to open access full texts. Europe PMC ingests all PubMed content and extends its index with other literature and patent sources. For more infos on Europe PMC, see:

What happened to pubpubmed central Canada?

PubMed Central Canada (PMC Canada) ceased operations on February 23, 2018. Details of this decision are available on the PMC Canada website . PMC Canada content will remain in the PMC archive and continue to be publicly searchable through PMC (US) and Europe PMC.

What is Europe PMC and who is behind it?

Europe PMC is developed by EMBL-EBI. It is a partner of PubMed Central and a repository of choice for many international science funders. Free, transparent, and community-driven, Europe PMC is your gateway to life science research. What is Europe PMC

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