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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Apple airtag look like?

The AirTag features a small circular design with a white finish on the front and a stainless steel back. You can also personalize your AirTag with emojis, numbers, and letters. Apple touts that AirTags have a “lightweight design,” and there are two key factors to this: water resistance and a user-replaceable battery.

When does the airtag come out?

Just try not to spend too lavishly on the accessories. AirTag was released for pre-order on April 23, 2021. The first orders arrive to customers on April 30.

What is the latest firmware for the Apple airtag?

Apple announced AirTag firmware version 1.0.276 on June 3 with new anti-stalking features. The original version of the firmware featured build number 1A276d, and today’s new release features build number 1A287b. How to choose between different stabilization modes of DJI Action 2?

What is airairtag?

AirTag is Apple's Tile-like item tracker. Chance is an editor for the entire 9to5 network and covers the latest Apple news for 9to5Mac. My go-to wireless charging stand.

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