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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kim KUSA 9NEWS?

KUSA 9News is an NBC affiliate. Kind-spirited and empathetic, she has an experience of over three decades in the industry! Kim is a native from Colorado & most of her life, she has never lived outside her home state.

Where is Kim Christiansen now?

Kim Christiansen. Kim Christiansen is an Anchor at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado. Kim grew up in Colorado and graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Who are Kim and Danielle Grant from 9 News?

Some of Kim’s fellow colleagues at 9 News are Chief Meteorologist Kathy Sabine, meteorologist Danielle Grant, and anchor, Kyle Clark. In the course of her career, Kim has won seven Heartland regional Emmy awards for news writing, spot news, and news reporting.

Is Kim Kardashian retiring from 9 News?

Currently, there are no reports of Kim leaving or retiring from 9 News. In her early years, Kim was into modeling. The pinnacle of her modeling career was in1980 when she won the Miss Colorado beauty pageant at the age of 19. That same year, she also won the Non-finalist Talent Award.

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