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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 9anime?

Part 1. The Real 9Anime Website Part 2. Reliable 9Anime Mirror Links Part 3. Extended Tips - Good 9Anime Replacements 9Anime is one of the most visited anime streaming websites. It is loaded with a huge catalog of anime series & movies and provides a stable solution to stream high-quality anime online.

What is the best website to watch 9anime online?

Generally, is the most recommended official 9anime website. At this moment, there is also a hub of the official websites named In addition to the two websites, a list of official mirror links is available as shown above.

How to find the official 9anime links?

Just open the official 9Anime subreddit page, scroll down and head to the right Important Links sidebar where the official 9anime links are listed. The two URLs will direct you to the official main 9Anime websites. The purpose of is to offer access to the official 9Anime sites. Part 2. Reliable 9Anime Mirror Links

Is 9anime safe to use?

They baically use 9anime's platform to bait users into getting malware. Is there a list of sites which are legit because I've been using and it seems safe. If anyone knows please tell me or link it that would be helpful. If you see domain changes like for example, it's still legit site.

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