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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I watch spirited away?

OverallI would definitely recommend Spirited Away as a title to view. It's one of the most imaginative anime films I've seen to date and also one of my favorites overall. Spirited Away may very well be the greatest animated film of all times. Not just in anime, but in the most general sense.

What is spirited away all about?

The world of Spirited Away is simply bustling with life; unique, quirky, instantly lovable creatures jostling about their daily activities and tasks in the bath houses, dancing across the screen like leaves caught in a playful summer breeze.

What do you think about the anime amazingspirited away?

Spirited Away is an imaginative and magical world that child will most likely enjoy. In addition, its nostalgic feel will appeal to some Japanese adults. However, it also features a paper thin plot as well as weak characterization.

What is your review of amazingspirited away?

Spirited Away is as close to perfection as I have seen in animation history. While cynics can disect the tiny details and find flaws in everything, by looking through that lens and not with a sense of wonder they have failed in enjoying what may be the most honest, powerful, and engaging tales of the modern era.

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