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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 9anime a safe website?

You should note that 9ANIME is Completely Safe to Use. This is because it is an Anime streaming website and you would not encounter any scam. The only difficulty you would encounter while using the website is the ads. But 9ANIME would not give you any security problem or give your mobile device any virus.

Which is the real 9anime? is the only real 9anime website. Do note that the other 9anime alternatives work too. It’s just that they either have very slow servers, less content, spammed to death with ads or in some cases may even use your CPU resources without your permission for mining and other tasks!

What is the real 9anime website?

Again, as mentioned earlier is the real 9anime site. Do note that we aren’t encouraging piracy or copyright violations. We aren’t sure if has or doesn’t have streaming rights for its anime content. It’s just a legit 9anime website that lets you watch anime free online.

Which 9anime is real?

We managed to contact the real 9Anime team and got to know is the one and only real 9Anime site. Be careful when checking out other sites with 9Anime in their domains as they are filled with malicious ads and can wreak havoc on your device.

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