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Frequently Asked Questions

Which 9anime is real?

We managed to contact the real 9Anime team and got to know is the one and only real 9Anime site. Be careful when checking out other sites with 9Anime in their domains as they are filled with malicious ads and can wreak havoc on your device.

Why is 9anime buffering?

Constant buffering usually occurs if your Internet connection is slow. This will prevent the video from buffering while it is playing. How do I stop 9Anime buffering? Common Fixes to 9Anime Not Working. Switch to Google Chrome, FireFox, or Other Popular Browsers. 9Anime have strictly blocked requests from unofficial apps and extensions.

Is 9 anime safe?

Ultimately, 9anime is one of a number of options for streaming anime that is safe and reliable for users. A shaky legal status shouldn’t prove threatening to users, but there’s always other choices for those who feel uncomfortable with the service.

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