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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 941 stand for?

This angelic sign indicates that you will enjoy a new beginning. The divine realm is asking you to be ready for the changes coming your way. You stand to gain more by accepting the flow of life than resisting it. Additionally, angel number 941 stands for good endings.

What cities are in the 941 Area code?

Area code 941 is found in the US state of Florida. Primarily servicing the city of Bradenton (population: 223933), area code 941 covers 3 counties of Florida.

What does Form 941 mean?

Term Definition. Form 941 is a payroll form reporting the total federal taxes that employers have withheld from employee compensation during the quarter. Extended Definition. Employers are required to withhold federal taxes, Medicare tax, and Social Security tax from employees’ compensation and remit the same to the IRS.

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