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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Christopher's disability on 9-1-1?

Gavin plays Christopher, an adorable kid who has cerebral palsy on '9-1-1.' It's understood that Gavin and his family moved from Atlanta, Ga. to Los Angeles in 2015.

Who is raising Christopher Diaz alone on 9-1-1?

Eddie Diaz is raising Christopher Diaz alone on 9-1-1. Pic credit: FOX 9-1-1 returned just a few weeks ago with a brand new season and some new faces as well. Instantly, fans were drawn to the new firefighter, Eddi?e Diaz who was a single father of a special needs son.

Who plays Christopher Diaz on Chicago Fire?

Gavin McHugh was cast in the role of Christopher Diaz. He is the special needs son of Eddie and has made quite an impression on the other firefighters and EMTs at the firehouse.

Who is Gavin McHugh on 9-1-1?

Gavin McHugh is an actor on 9-1-1, who portrays the role of Christopher Diaz . Gavin McHugh, the youngest of 5 kids, was adopted from Riga, Latvia at age 2.5.

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