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Frequently Asked Questions

What TV show is 911 on?

Rescue 911 is an informational docudrama television series that premiered on CBS on April 18, 1989, and ended on August 27, 1996. The series was hosted by William Shatner and featured reenactments (and occasionally real footage) of emergencies that often involved calls to 911.

Who is Christopher on 911?

Actor Gavin McHugh made his first appearance on 9-1-1 in a Season 2 episode titled "7.1," and he obtained unmatched popularity among fans in a very short amount of time. The child actor — who was adopted by his parents, Michael and Lisa, when he was only 2-and-a-half years old — portrays Eddie Diaz's son, Christopher, on the show.

Who plays Christopher Diaz on 911?

Gavin McHugh is an actor on 9-1-1, who portrays the role of Christopher Diaz. History Life and Career

Does Eddie die in '9-1-1'?

Thankfully, Eddie did NOT die and he was able to survive the situation. The sniper was also discovered in a moment that led to Athena (Angela Bassett) saving her husband Bobby (Peter Krause).

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