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Frequently Asked Questions

When will 911 Lone Star be returning?

9-1-1: Lone Star will return for its third season in early 2022 as part of FOX’s midseason schedule and, if history repeats itself, we could see the new season as early as January 2022.

Is 911 Lonestar cancelled?

According to fans TV rating analysts, 911 Lone Star will not get cancelled, as the show has decent ratings across the eight episodes that have aired. The pilot episode of the show had 11.41 million live viewers. However, the second episode saw a significant drop, with only 5.94.

Is 911 renewed for Season 2?

Ryan Murphy's '911' Renewed for Season 2! The series premiere episode that debuted earlier in January bested the return of The X-Files, and ranked as the highest-rated Big Four premiere in three months. “With a bold concept, award-winning stars and a flawless execution, Ryan, Brad [Falchuk] and Tim [Minear] have done it again.

When is 911 Lone Star starting?

Originally released in January 2020, ‘ 9-1-1: Lone Star ’ is a procedural drama television series set in Austin, Texas. It revolves around Owen Strand, a firefighter captain from New York City, who moves to the Lone Star state with his son TK.

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