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Frequently Asked Questions

What is number 9 Chickweed Lane?

9 Chickweed Lane is an American comic strip written and drawn by Brooke McEldowney following the fortunes of the women of three generations of the Burber family: Edna, Juliette, and Edda.

Should 9 Chickweed Lane be removed from the New York Times?

John Glynn, vice president and editorial director of Universal Uclick, which distributes "9 Chickweed Lane," said the syndicate had received no other complaints. The Times does not normally remove or replace comic strips based on story line -- though editors did do that in March with a "Doonesbury" series that took on Texas' abortion law.

Is there any overlap between 9 Chickweed Lane and other comics?

There is occasional overlap of characters between 9 Chickweed Lane and another comic by McEldowney, Pibgorn. The strip is syndicated by United Feature Syndicate (a division of Andrews McMeel Syndication ).

Who created 9 Chickweed Lane/pibgorn?

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