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Frequently Asked Questions

What is number 9 Chickweed Lane?

9 Chickweed Lane is an American comic strip written and drawn by Brooke McEldowney following the fortunes of the women of three generations of the Burber family: Edna, Juliette, and Edda.

What makes 9 Chickweed Lane so weird and creepy?

9 Chickweed Lane’s double-barreled combination of horny and pretentious is what makes it so morbidly fascinating as well as creepy. It’s not hard to imagine McEldowney gazing with reverence at a particular sexy strip and throwing himself a little one-handed pants party in appreciation of his own genius.

What is the gag in 9 Chickweed place?

It feels like the only “gag” in 9 Chickweed Place is how unbelievably horny all the characters are for each other. Today’s strip for example, features a gorgeous yet clearly educated and cultured woman in a tight mini-skirt drinking coffee in a diner with her clearly educated and cultured partner.

Who created 9 Chickweed Lane/pibgorn?

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