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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 8000 a perfect cube?

8000 is said to be a perfect cube because 20 x 20 x 20 is equal to 8000. Since 8000 is a whole number, it is a perfect cube.

How do you calculate cube roots?

When you cube a number, you multiply it by itself three times. A cube root is the value that, when cubed, gives you the original number. One way to find the cube root of a value is by going down the numbers and cubing them until getting the original value.

What are all the perfect cube roots?

Perfect Cube. A perfect cube is the result of multiplying a number three times by itself. a · a · a= a³. We can also say that perfect cubes are the numbers that have exact cube roots. 1, 8, 27, 64, 125, 216, 343, 512, 729, 1,000, 1,331, 1,728, 2,197, 2,744, 3,375...

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