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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a form 56?

Purpose of Form. Form 56 is used to notify the IRS of the creation or termination of a fiduciary relationship under section 6903 and provide the qualification for the fiduciary relationship under section 6036. Form 56 cannot be used to update the last known address of the person for whom you are acting.

What is the 56th parallel north?

The 56th parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 56 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane. It crosses Europe, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean . At this latitude the sun is visible for 17 hours, 37 minutes during the summer solstice and 6 hours, 57 minutes during the winter solstice.

Where do I file Form 56?

File Form 56 with the Internal Revenue Service Center where the person for whom you are acting is required to file tax returns. Proceedings (other than bankruptcy) and assignments for the benefit of creditors.

What is a 56 mug?

Get a 56 mug for your bunkmate Nathalie. to be sent to your friends before the shit absolutely hits the fan. When someone has way more information on your illegal doings than you do. Named after Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. Isoroku was adopted and the characters for his name read a certain way read 56.

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