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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 5/7 mean?

What does 5/7 mean? 5/7 is an internet meme referring to an unusual film rating scale developed by a Facebook user. It's used allusively to express ironic or earnest appreciation of online content.

Is 5’7” tall?

It depends. In the United States, 5′7″ is a little below average for a man. Still, if you are 5′7″ tall, you are taller than 20.6% of men in their twenties. For women, 5′7″ is tall. 82.3% of women are less than 5′7″ tall.

What does 5/7 mean on Imgur?

Updated about a year ago by Don. 5/7 refers to a rating for the 1999 drama film Fight Club shown in a Facebook status update attributed to user Brendan Sullivan. After the screenshot widely circulated on Imgur in December 2015, users began posting "5/7" ratings in comments sections as an inside joke on the image-sharing site.

What does 5 out of 7 mean on Reddit?

5/7 is mainly used as an inside joke on social-media platforms like Reddit to express approval of various content—often of films, but not exclusively. In one example, a video of a sleepy pug puppy is tagged “5 out of 7,” indicating the user finds it excellent in tongue-in-cheek allusion to the 5/7 meme.

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