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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is area code 470?

470 Area Code Map. Area code 470 serves the state of Georgia. This area code was assigned on February 13th, 2001. On February 26th, 2010 it went into service. 470 is a General Purpose Code.

What is the difference between area codes 678 and 470?

Both area codes are overlay codes for the two main area codes in the area, 404 (Atlanta and its suburbs inside Interstate 285) and 770 (Atlanta suburbs and exurbs outside 285). Numbers in area code 678 were first assigned to customers signing up for new telephone service on January 15, 1998; 470 was activated on February 26, 2010.

What is the International 470 class?

The International 470 Class is responsible for the organization and administration of the 470 Class around the world.

What kind of dinghy is a 470?

The 470 is an Olympic Class Dinghy recognised by ISAF. Sailed by both men and women, it was designed in 1963 by the Frenchman André Cornu as a modern fibreglass planing dinghy. The name is the overall length of the boat in centimeters (the boat is 4.70 metres long). The hull is fiberglass with integral buoyancy tanks.

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