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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 4187 form in the Army?

DA Form 4187 or the Personnel Action Form is a form used in the U.S. Army to request a personnel action. Using the form, soldiers can request a number of personnel actions including training, a name change, a reassignment, extra rations, and more.

When was the last da 4187 form updated?

The DA 4187 was last revised by the Department of the Army (DA) on May 1, 2014 with all previous editions obsolete. The form - often incorrectly called the DD Form 4187 - can be supplied through the chain of command or downloaded down below.

How long can a dependent stay before FSA is stopped?

If the visit extends beyond 30 continuous days, FSA will be stopped but started again on the day the dependents depart the permanent station. A Soldier is entitled to FSA-R even if one or more (but not all) dependents visit for longer than three months.

How to avoid turning in a 4187 for missed meals?

Have SM fill out a DD 1475 with applicable dates, signed by commander and submitted to finance. That's how you can recoup missed meals, to effectively stop it turn in a 4187 which there should be plenty of examples in S1 net if you Google it. 4187 will require LTC signature.

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