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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a da 4187 form used for?

A fillable DA 4187 Form is used by US Army soldiers to request personnel action. Also known as a Personnel Action Form, the soldier completes the form to request additional training, reassignment, extra rations, and name changes.

What is enrollment into MACP and how does it work?

Enrollment guarantees JD assignment consideration, but does not guarantee that the couple will be assigned together at the same location and/or at the same time. To request enrollment into MACP: A DA Form 4187, Personnel Action, and the marriage certificate/license must be submitted to Soldier Actions requesting enrollment.

Does the MACP guarantee reassignment together?

According to AR 614-200 Section IV, the MACP cannot guarantee reassignment together but it does ensure that both soldiers will be considered for the same future assignments. Joint domicile will be established if that is possible.

Can I enroll in the MACP program for joint domicile consideration?

However, in case of marriage to a member of another branch of U.S. Military (like Navy or Air Force), it is impossible to enroll in the MACP program for automatic joint domicile consideration.

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