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Frequently Asked Questions

How to avoid turning in a 4187 for missed meals?

Have SM fill out a DD 1475 with applicable dates, signed by commander and submitted to finance. That's how you can recoup missed meals, to effectively stop it turn in a 4187 which there should be plenty of examples in S1 net if you Google it. 4187 will require LTC signature.

What should I do with a 4187 MFR?

This should be summarized in the 4187 but your commander should provide a more in depth MFR as an enclosure. Bet, you da man. I was able to find the 600-38 as well, but that 37-104-4 will help as well. Thanks for the help! Just file missed meal vouchers for every meal you miss. Submit a 4187 for separate rats every week.

Are there any da 4187 examples available for download?

The Following DA 4187 Examples are available for Download but you will need lotus viewer for some.

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