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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I authenticate my DA Form 4187?

The DA Form 4187 will be authenticated by the Battalion commander or designated representatives. The Battalion commander or designated representatives will authenticate the DA Form 4187 by signing in black or blue-black ink and by placing an “X” in the “RECOMMEND APPROVAL” box.

What is DA Form 4187-deferment to professional military education?

Preparing and distributing DA Form 4187 - Deferment to Professional Military Education (PME) / ETP Promotion (for SM on TCS orders with no opportunity to attend PME) Use the DA Form 4187 to support Deferment to PME due to deployment. In such cases, sections I, III, IV, V and Addendum of DA Form 4187 will be completed.

What flag code should overlap with flag code L or M?

This Flag may appropriately overlap with Flag code L or M above, as warranted. (2) Initiation of proceedings for administrative reduction in grade for inefficiency or misconduct in accordance with AR 600–8–19.

What happens when a flag is initiated by HQDA?

All flagged Soldiers will be provided a copy of the DA Form 268 when the Flag is initiated and when it is removed. Notifications for HQDA initiated flags may be delayed to protect against the unintentional early release of a promotion board’s results. 2–7. Rules for initiating a Flag a.

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