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Frequently Asked Questions

When is a compassionate reassignment of a soldier authorized?

Compassionate reassignment of a Soldier to another duty station prior to his or her scheduled permanent change of station (PCS) may be authorized when extreme family problems exist and are temporary in nature (to be resolved in less than one year).

What forms do I need to apply for a compassionate reassignment?

As a minimum, application must contain the following: DA Form 3739 (Request for Compassionate Reassignment) DA Form 31 (if attached to White Sands Missile Range from Overseas) Medical Problems: A signed statement from the attending physician giving the specific medical diagnosis and prognosis of illness.

What is a compassionate action in the Army?

A compassionate action may be a request for reassignment, deletion, deferment or permissive attachment based on the soldier's circumstances. Criteria and supporting documentation for Compassionate Actions are outlined in AR 614-200 Chapter 5. Attachment authority for the purpose of processing a compassionate action has been centralized at HRC.

How do I request compassionate attachment to a local commander?

Local commanders are required to request compassionate attachment using the compassionate attachment function on the Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System (EDAS). DA HRC will respond via EDAS authorizing or denying attachment or requesting clarification or further information.

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