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Frequently Asked Questions

When is DA Form 4187 required?

DA Form 4187 is required for loss time ( AWOL or Confinement) Reduction in grade (provide UCMJ) Upon signing DA Form 199 _____2. Counseling statement signed by Soldier and Company Commander ( see reverse example, must be retyped.

What happens on the 10th day of AWOL?

If Soldier returns at anytime before 31st day, unit will complete duty status change DA 4187, reflecting AWOL to PDY, and forward to DFAS and G-1 with in 48 hours. 10th Day of AWOL (DA PAM 600-8, 3-10, p.11) CDR sends letter of notification to SM’s Next of Kin by certified mail

What happens when an AWOL soldier is dropped from Rolls?

The soldier is dropped from the rolls thirty days after being reported as AWOL. The DA From 4187 reporting the soldier as dropped from rolls will be sent the Personnel Services Battalion and the DMPO-Fort Benning. Members in confinement type 1 are confined by Civil Authorities and are not entitled to pay.

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