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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is paternity leave in the Army?

The Army paternity leave policy allows a married soldier to have 10 days of consecutive leave within 45 days of the birth of his child. If he is deployed when the baby is born, he will have 60 days upon returning from deployment to take the 10 days of paternity leave.

Is there a regulation for Army paternity leave?

The Army's policy only allows paternity leave to be authorized for a married soldier on active duty , including Title 10 and Title 32 Active Guard and Reserve duty , whose wife gives birth to a child. It cannot be applied to unmarried soldiers fathering a child, and does not currently apply to soldiers who adopt a child.

What is Army paternity leave?

Army paternity leave is a policy that grants a soldier the right to take some time off from his military duties to be a father to his newborn child.

Should you take paternity leave?

You can take your paternity leave from the birth date if the baby is born early. Employees with more than one year's service can take (unpaid) parental leave as well as paternity leave to have more time off.

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