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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of engine does a 2007 Toyota Camry have?

Compared to the 2006, the 2007 model’s base, four-cylinder engine is the same size at 2.4 liters. Toyota says it is significantly improved, though it’s not evident in terms of the output specifications. A five-speed-manual transmission is standard and a five-speed automatic is optional.

Does the 2007 Toyota Camry have navigation?

Yes, a factory-installed nav system was available on some models of the 2007 Camry. Is the 2007 Toyota Camry a hybrid? In addition to the standard 4-cylinder or optional V6 engine, the 2007 Toyota Camry was available as hybrid that paired a 4-cylinder engine an electric motor.

How much does a 2007 Toyota Camry cost?

The 2007 Camry CE starts at just under $18,850 (slightly less than the 2006 model), including destination, with four-cylinder engine and manual transmission, but other models are somewhat higher than their 2006 counterparts and most direct competitors due to increased equipment and refinement levels.

What are the trim levels of a 2007 Toyota Camry?

A new 2007 Camry has begun to arrive at dealerships with reworked exterior styling, upgraded drivetrains and other refinements. The trim levels, in ascending value, are CE, LE, sporty SE and premium XLE. Roughly three months from now, a hybrid version built right here in the U.S. will hit the streets.

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