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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 3d0x3 it or 1B?

3D0X3 is not IT, just paperwork. If you have the aptitude go 1B all the way. Just don't become some self important cock goblin. I second the 0X3 part. Am a paper bitch.

What is 1b4x1 in the Air Force?

Enlisted airmen in the Air Force Specialty Code 1B4X1 execute command and control (C2) of assigned cyberspace forces and avoid cyberspace operations conflicts. AFSC 1B4X1 is split into two different lines of operations: Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO) and Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO).

What is 3d0x2 (Cyber Systems Operations)?

Cyber Systems Operations, or 3D0X2, is an Air Force AFSC responsible for protecting against cyber attacks, and pays very well in the civilian world.

How much is a 1b4x1 AFSC clearance worth?

Many Airmen leaving the military with the 1B4X1 AFSC are worth more than $100,000 annually in the private sector. Government contracting positions that utilize and take advantage of the CWO’s Top Secret/SCI clearance are even more lucrative. Teams compete in offensive and defensive cyber operations during the 2019 24th Air Force Cyber Competition.

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