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Frequently Asked Questions

How many CPC exam questions are there?

PocketPrep provides 500+ CPC exam questions, in a quiz-based, interactive format (30 questions are free) PocketPrep offers 30 free CPC exam questions, along with a very calming user interface that tracks your progress as you learn.

Is there a free CPC practice exam? offers the only free full-length CPC practice exam on the Internet (100 Questions) PracticeQuiz offers a free 100-question practice exam, recently updated for ICD-10.

What is the official CPC® certification study guide?

The Official CPC® Certification Study Guide, (2021 edition) is organized to help you prepare for the exam certifying you as a professional medical coder. The Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) credential is awarded by AAPC, the primary organiza-tion of more than 190,000 medical coders, billers, scribes, and auditors.

How much does the AAPC practice test cost?

You learn the material straight from the horse's mouth - the same way that it's presented on the test. Beyond that, the AAPC also provides 3 (unfortunately, not free) official practice testsfor the price of $79.95. While this is pricey, it is the absolute best way to know how you'll score when you take the actual exam.

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