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Frequently Asked Questions

What are tempered glass shelves?

Glass Shelves. Tempered glass can be used for shelves in display cases or as shelving on wall systems. Glass shelves are a great accent for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and many other places in your home or business. One Day Glass offers custom cut tempered glass shelves, allowing you to get just the look you desire.

What size is a glass bracket shelf?

Clear Tempered Glass and Silver Brackets Glass Bracket Shelf 40-in L x 8-in D (1 Decorative Shelf)

What do you need to mount your shelves?

We even carry the essentials you’ll need to mount your shelves, including floating shelf hardware such as glass shelf brackets and floating shelf brackets. Need baskets and storage containers to fill your shelves?

What are custom shelves made out of?

We create custom shelves out of glass at whatever length, depth, and thickness you need. Most of the time these shelves have exposed edges, giving you the option of adding another level of detail to better reflect your personal style. Our seamed edge comes standard with your order.

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