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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of 1000100 Gecs?

100 Gecs (stylized in all lowercase) is an American musical duo consisting of Dylan Brady and Laura Les, formed in 2015. They self-released their debut album, 1000 Gecs, in 2019 to critical acclaim, followed by a "companion" remix album, 1000 Gecs and the Tree of Clues, in July 2020.

What is it like to go to a 100 Gecs concert?

This concert has everything: long lines to get in, robes, furries, alcohol, covid vax checks, balcony seats, mosh pits. It was great! The music of 100 Gecs throws so much at you — jacked-up beats, Auto-Tune-obliterated pop melodies, harsh metallic noise — that it can be hard to believe it's created by humans.

When did 100 Gecs release their first single?

On November 19, 100 Gecs released the first single off the album, "mememe", during their tour, with an accompanying kaleidoscopic music video featuring the pair dancing in wizard robes.

What influenced 100 Gecs'music?

Les explained that the "merging of genres" is "more natural than people think", adding that the group "didn't expect that [ 1000 Gecs] would resonate with people so much". Brady has said 100 Gecs' style is influenced by Breathe Carolina, John Zorn, and I See Stars, among others.

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