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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good percentage for visual acuity?

Decimal: The visual acuity can be expressed in decimal or percentage for example 0.8 (80%), 1.0 (100%), or 1.2 (120%). In this system, 1.0 or 100% means the average vision, 2.0 or 200 % is the highest possible value and indicates very sharp, way above-average vision.

What is the difference between 20/20 and 20/40 visual acuity?

If 20/20 is considered 100% visual effiency, 20/40 visual acuity is 85% efficient. If a patient sees 20/200, the smallest letter that they can see at 20 feet could be seen by a normal eye at 200 feet. This is the Snellen Acuity (English). In Metric Acuity, 20/20 equals 6/6.

What is visual acuity and why is it important?

Visual acuity indicates the sharpness or your vision. It refers to the ability to recognize signs on a standardized chart from a specific viewing distance. There are several ways to express the measured visual acuity; we use the decimal as well as the 20/20-system.

Is visual acuity measured with or without glasses?

Visual acuity can be measured with or without glasses or contacts on. The measure that matters, for example for getting a driver’s license or to determine if someone has poor vision, is the visual acuity measured wearing glasses or contacts.

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